Four Things to Consider When Buying a Soft Pistol Case

If you’re looking for a new pistol case, you may want to consider a few things, such as weight, storage, and size, before you buy. Because when it comes to selecting the right pistol case, you want to check what’s appropriate for your specific needs and avoid wasting time and money buying the wrong gun carrying case.

At Vulcan, we spend a lot of time understanding our customers’ needs so we can provide the right case for all your different types of firearms. We’ve invested so much time and attention in order to bring the best products to our customers and we want to help you decide how to choose the best gun bag for pistols based on your needs. If you don’t know what to look for in a gun case, continue reading for the four most important things to consider when buying a pistol case

#1: Get A Bag with a Locking System 

You want to protect your pistol from outside elements and ensure that your gun will stay inside the case, right? Exactly. And a durable soft case should be easy to open but also shouldn’t rip apart. That’ why it’s critical to make sure that your gun carry case has handles and zippers that you can secure when traveling. Our innovative WeatherLock zipper technology is designed to keep your pistol safe from the elements—and comes with a free bottle of lubricant to keep it zipping smoothly. Whether you’re caught in a storm or take the bag into a creek, it’s guaranteed to keep your firearm safe and dry. 

#2: Size Up the Padding & Weight 

While traveling or on trips, the inside padding is something to consider when purchasing a gun bag for pistols. Padding is important as it protects your handgun from falls, bumps, and sliding within the case. In the event that any of these things occur, the inside of the case must hold the gun in place otherwise you might be left with a costly firearm repair.

Most soft cases have enough padding to keep your gun securely in place during transport, so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged. However, only our WeatherLock Pistol Bag is made of our high quality soft 840D TPU exterior with 840D TPU shock foam interior. Plus, this lightweight soft case only weighs 1lb, making it the optimal choice for travel or a day at the range.  

#3: Make Sure it’s Durable & Low Maintenance 

If your gun bag is a hassle, you’ll never want to use it. That’s why it’s important to choose one that’s low maintenance, doesn’t require a ton of cleaning, yet stands up to whatever environment you take it to. Luckily, ours fits the bill. With an IPX6 water resistant rating, our pistol gun bag is completely water-resistant and can withstand high pressure with no penetration.

Not to mention, the durable exterior protects against dust, dirt and mud, too. But when the inevitable time does come to clean it up, all you have to do is gently wipe it off with some water and a microfiber towel. We’ve made it easy to care for because you should never spend more time cleaning your gun bag than using your gun bag.  

#4: Check the Storage Capacity 

Depending on your travel or hunting needs, you’ll want to have flexible storage capacity. The New Vulcan Pistol bag’s main pocket provides a 30x22x9cm storage capacity with the ability to hold 2 pistols and 8 mags. Plus, our WeatherLock Pistol Bag lets you expand the storage capacity of your bag by utilizing the MOLLE pouch system to add a modular pocket. This way you can consolidate whatever you need to take with you on a hunting adventure into just one bag. Talk about convenient! 

Purchase Wisely: Buy a Vulcan Pistol Bag 

Handgun cases can serve a couple of purposes but finding the perfect one for you will depend on what specifically you need it for. Vulcan provides the best quality handgun and pistol cases available, so the choice is easy. They’re lightweight, easy to clean, puncture resistant, and water resistant. Designed in the United States, we offer one of a kind weather-proof technology in all our bags, so you can trust the Vulcan brand when purchasing a soft pistol gun case.

We’re also dedicated to providing the best customer service with our direct-to-consumer shopping experience. This way, we’re able to deliver our gun accessory products directly to you—no middleman required. When you order a Vulcan pistol bag, you won’t have to wait very long, we ship it the next business day. Find the gun bag for you today—and we promise you’re going to love it.