Benefits of a Weatherproof Bag

Not all gun bags are created equal. In fact, that’s exactly why we, at Vulcan, decided to create our own. Our mission is to create the largest and most innovative premium firearm accessory brand in the world, setting the standard by which all firearm products are built. And we believe our weatherproof gun bags fit the bill. So, what makes our WeatherLock bags different? We’re glad you asked. 

It’s Designed for Tough Environments 

Each of our gun storage bags are made with WeatherLock technology. That might sound nice, but what does it actually mean? Well, it comes down to construction. We use a highly durable nylon fabric that’s been lined with TPU. TPU stands for thermoplastic polyurethane, and it’s often referred to as the bridge between rubbers and plastics. Ironically, rain jackets are often made of rubber or plastic, so it was a no-brainer when we wanted to create a product that had the same waterproof abilities—but with a lot more stability. And that’s the best part about TPU. While it appears rubber-like, making it very elastic, flexible, and smooth to the touch, it’s also extremely durable and strong. It lines both the interior and exterior of our gun bags—and we believe this is what makes our products more resistant than the rest.  

Plus, our collection has an IP rating of IPX6. This means our bags protect against dust, dirt, and mud—and resists water jets of extremely high pressure with no penetration. What other shotgun bags can do that? If you want a gun bag that can resist all elements of nature, you’ll want to get a gun bag by Vulcan. 

It Protects Your Protection 

The job of a gun storage bag is twofold: Yes, we want something that can easily store our firearms, but we also want a gun bag that keeps our firearms safe. That’s why each of our gun range bags are designed with a tough nylon shell that’s 100% puncture proof with its double-walled layer of protection. But that’s not all we take into consideration when creating a bag that protects your guns. Take our AR gun bag for example. It features a muzzle protection pouch to secure your barrel from the elements—as well as an internal strap system to keep your rifle in place. It’s these small details that make us industry leaders in the gun bag world—and it’s why gun owners everywhere trust us.  

Ask anyone—a hard-shell gun case is more durable and protective than a soft-shell one. So, why would anyone buy a soft-shell gun bag? They’re lightweight and easier to manage. And if you plan on flying to your next hunting trip, these are two major pros when considering taking your gun to the airport. Luckily, Vulcan was able to create a waterproof gun bag that offers the best of both worlds. Read on to see what we mean. 

It’s Lightweight & Travel-Friendly 

We combine the protection of a hard case with the convenience of a soft case for a gun bag that’s lightweight and easy to carry. Our AR gun bag is 4 pounds when it’s empty. Our pistol bag is only one pound when it’s empty. And that’s a bag that still features our high-quality heavy-duty nylon exterior and shock foam interior. Unlike hard cases that can weigh up to fifteen pounds—we've found a solution that does it all. Easy to travel with? Check. Does it protect your firearms? Check. Suitable for all elements? Check. Under five pounds? Check.  

When it comes to gun bags, you can find them with hard shells, soft shells, composite materials, aluminum—even wood. But only our waterproof gun bags take the best qualities from each of these and morph them into one.  

It’s Easy to Keep Clean 

What’s the point of having a gun range bag if it’s impossible to keep clean? Just like you wouldn’t leave your car dirty after a rainstorm or your boots covered in mud, you want to be able to clean your gun bag after a long day at the range. Luckily, Vulcan’s range-ready gun bags are easy to wash, and you can wipe away dirt in seconds. Because each bag is constructed with our weatherproof materials, you can take a wet cloth directly to the exterior and scrub away any dirt, dust or debris.  

Here’s the thing: As gun owners, whether it’s your profession or you’re a civilian simply exercising your right to carry, you need a gun bag. More specifically, you need gun bags that are safe, protective, and can stand up to any job in any environment. And that’s exactly what Vulcan has created for gun owners everywhere.

Our proprietary WeatherLock technology, signature matte black nylon material, and versatile organization systems inside each bag are what make us industry leaders—and it’s why gun owners trust us with their firearms. Not to mention, each Vulcan item is proudly designed in Houston, TX by passionate team members who want to forge the most innovative and high-quality firearm products in the world. We’re designed for defense—and want to make sure when you buy from Vulcan, you know you’re getting the best gun bag on the market.