A Gun Owner's Guide to Essential Gun Accessories

Whether you’re a firearm collector or brand new to guns, there are so many accessories for guns on the market. From scopes and bipods to gun safe accessories and ear protection—there's no shortage of products available to enhance your gun owning experience at home, at the range, and in the field. And while some may think having a mega-stocked gun accessory supply is necessary, we’ve whittled it down to just a few gun accessories that we believe are essential. Get ready to dive in, because we’re sharing what are the must-have gun accessories you need today.  

Weatherlock weatherproof bag 


You’re a Gun Owner—Now What? 

You have a lot of responsibility now that you own a firearm. And before you buy any accessories, you need to become very familiar with your gun, how to handle it safely, how you use it, and how often you shoot, and where you’ll store it.  

The first “gun accessory” is the owner’s manual that ideally came with your firearm. This should detail how it works, the technical specs, instructions on how to disassemble and reassemble, and troubleshooting guidelines should something be wrong. Once you feel acquainted with your gun, you’re ready for what’s next. 

The Basics of Gun Ownership 

Guns aren’t cheap—which is why it's crucial to make sure you’re treating them in ways that will prolong their life. So, before you ask yourself what gun accessories that you must have, be sure you’re doing the following:  

  • Keep it clean 
  • Keep it safely stored 

These are the two easiest ways to ensure your firearm is safe, sound, and properly functioning. Which brings us to the gun accessories you’ll need to keep up with these two rules. 


carbonkiller cleaning solution


Gun Cleaning Supplies 

Any gun owner will tell you: the best way to keep your gun in proper working order is to establish and follow a cleaning routine. We have a lot of thoughts on gun cleaning and maintenance, but we have even more thoughts on the cleaning gun accessories you’ll need. 

Gun Solvent Cleaner 

No matter what type of firearm you have, you’ll need a gun cleaning solvent. These are usually water or petroleum-based and help break down or dissolve any residue and carbon build up.  

Cleaning Gun Oil 

The gun oil helps lubricate the gun’s internal and external parts which can prevent misfires, malfunctions and rust. Because you’ll need both the solvent and the oil, it’s worth getting a combo pack and saving a little extra money.   

Cleaning Rod 

When you’re attempting to clean the hard-to-reach areas inside the barrel, it’s extremely helpful to have a cleaning rod. It’s not always a one-size-fits-all, so be sure to find one with different segments that can be screwed together to fit the length of your specific firearm.  

Bore Brush 

As far as gun cleaning goes, a caliber-specific bore brush is the final piece to your gun accessory supply. Once you attach it to your cleaning rod, simply insert it into your barrel and you’ll see just how easy (and satisfying!) it is to have a scrubber bore brush do the dirty work for you. 


Weatherlock Bag showing durability


Firearm Storage Needs 

Now that we’ve addressed the gun accessories that go along with keeping your firearm clean, it’s time for the storage accessories for guns—gun range bags, holsters, and more. 

Gun Range Bags 

Gaining access to a gun range is a great way for you to become more comfortable with your gun while practicing safe gun handling. But getting to and from the range requires a way to safely transfer your gun. That’s when our Weatherlock bags come in handy. Available in both pistol sizes and AR sizes, this lightweight, water resistant, soft-shell gun case is the most convenient way to travel with your gun. 

Gun Bag Pouches 

If you’re traveling with your firearm, you’re likely bringing along a few extra (nonessential) gun accessories like ear and eye protection, snacks for the range, and extra ammo. That’s when having attachable MOLLE gun bag pouches are critical. By combining various pouches, you can create more storage capacity without needing a bigger bag.  

The Right Gun Mount 

Keeping your firearms in a locked gun safe is a great, secure location—but sometimes you’re at work or in your car and need another solution. Luckily, gun accessories like the VULCAN QuickDraw make that easy. The magnetic construction and scratch resistant material make it the perfect gun accessory mount for any location.   

On-Body Holsters 

Static storage is great when you’re at a desk or in your vehicle—but what about when you’re walking around and want your gun safely attached to your person? That’s when a gun holster is necessary. With so many options, you can find holsters that can attach to your belt, go inside your waistband, strap to your ankle or go over your shoulder. Simply choose one that feels most comfortable on your body and allows you to easily access your firearm when you need it. 

Gun Accessories for the Range 

When it’s time to take your gun out to the range, you’ll need these gun accessories on hand: 


It’s nice to bring several cheap paper targets or nicer “splatter” style targets so you can clearly see where your bullets make impact. If you’re practicing precision and accuracy, these are must-have gun accessories for the range.  

Ear Protection 

Many gun owners have destroyed their hearing by failing to use adequate ear protection. Cheap foam ear plugs are very effective, but if you want to be able to talk to your instructor or buddies at the range, we recommend a set of active electronic earmuffs.  

Eye Protection 

Even if the range doesn’t require it, it’s always a good idea to wear eye protection. You can pick up any generic pair of safety glasses from your local hardware store, or you can get a set of glasses with ANSI-rated plastic lenses. Remember, glass will shatter so always opt for plastic.  


This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at the number of gun owners who head to the range with everything except their ammo. Luckily, you can purchase what’s available at the range, however you'll be paying a hefty mark-up fee.  


Top Tier Gun Accessories 

When it comes to finding the best accessories for guns, VULCAN has everything you need. We’re on a mission to create the largest and most innovative premium gun accessory brand in the world—and we think you’ll notice the detail and thought behind each of our products. Be sure to up your gun accessory supply with VULCAN today.