Safe Uses of a Magnetic Gun Mount & Why You Need One

magnetic gun mount for your truck

Using magnetic gun mounts for cars is the best way to ensure your firearm is safe and accessible while you’re on the road. And as a gun owner, practicing smart and practical firearm concealment is one of your fundamental rights—and it’s the law. Because of this, we want to discuss some frequently asked questions about why you should be using a magnetic gun holster and several of the ways you can position it in your car. Let’s get to it. 

Who Needs a Magnetic Gun Holster?

Short answer: Everyone. If you’re a gun owner and drive a vehicle, you’d benefit from magnetic gun mounts for cars. Why’s that? Well, if you’ve ever tried to drive a car with your gun in a holster attached to your waistband, you’ve likely experienced how uncomfortable it can be. Not only that, but it can be harder to access your firearm in this position, too. Using a magnetic gun mount eliminates both problems and keeps you safer in the event of a roadside emergency. 

Will it Damage My Car?

There are several different types of gun holsters for cars on the market—some require small drills, but some don't. For example, you could use glue-attached gun holsters (which obviously use a strong adhesive to attach the mount to the car’s interior surface), but these have the likelihood to fail if temperatures get too hot. Similarly, you could use a strap holster which goes around your seat or middle console—but there’s the chance it doesn’t properly fit your car’s model.  

We recommend our QuickDraw magnetic gun mount which comes with four small screws (or mounting adhesive) so you can decide how you’d like to securely fasten your car gun holster to whichever location you desire. Speaking of, we have a few ideas on where to put it to ensure safety, security, and proper concealment. 

Where Do I Put It?

When deciding where to install your magnetic gun mounts for trucks or cars, you have several available options. We’re going to break down some of our favorites with the possible pros and cons for each. 


under wheel gun mount


Under the Steering Wheel 

If you’ve never looked beneath your steering wheel, there’s a surprising amount of open space for you to screw in a magnetic gun mount, like our QuickDraw gun holster, without damaging anything important. To fully conceal your firearm, the ideal place to install it is about 8 inches below the wheel. And if you’re sitting in the driver’s seat, your knees will totally block anyone’s view.  

The only con? It may be slightly uncomfortable if the gun is right between your legs while you’re driving. 


center console gun mount


Next to Radio

This is a great position for any right-hand dominant people. By securing your magnetic gun holster to the left of the radio, it’s in prime position for you to grab it with your right hand in the event of an emergency. The only downside to this position is its lack of concealment. Anyone who walks up to your driver's side door will be able to see your firearm in plain view.  

In or Around the Center Console 

If you’re attempting to place your gun holster in your center console, you can attach it to the cover, side or bottom. The versatility is great as it totally conceals your weapon and lets you decide which position feels most natural, however, you’ll always have to actually open the console each time you need to access your gun. This extra step can waste critical time in an emergency. 

If you place your firearm holster on the side of the console, you’ll have much easier access, but it will also expose your gun to anyone approaching your vehicle. Not to mention, it may rub against your leg and hip when your gun is securely locked in place.  


side panel gun mount


Car Door Panel

If you’re a left-handed individual, this is the go-to position we recommend. Not only does it offer ideal concealment, but there’s also nothing for you to damage when installing your car gun holster there, either. The only suggestion we have for you: Be sure to leave enough space between your door handle and gun’s grip as it may make it hard to pull the gun out of the holster if it’s positioned too close. 

How Do I Choose One?

Now that you’re thoroughly convinced how necessary a magnetic gun holster is, you’re probably wondering which one is the best to get. That’s going to come down to your own personal preference, the size of your gun, and the size of the space you’re hoping to install the mount. For example, a magnetic gun mount attached to your car door panel can be much larger than one you’d like to keep inside your center console.  


VULCAN Has You Covered   

When it comes to perfect magnetic gun holster, there are really only two requirements: It has to be safe, and it has to be effective. VULCAN only creates products that are designed to stand up to any situation, in any environment, and our QuickDraw magnetic gun holster is no different. See for yourself why so many happy customers recommend our magnetic gun mount.