Best Holiday Gifts for Gun Lovers

You don’t need us to remind you that the holiday season is right around the corner, but if you’re a last-minute shopper and you need perfect gifts for gun enthusiasts, we’re here to make the final-hour shopping spree a little bit easier. As we create the largest and most innovative premium firearm accessory brand in the world, we pride ourselves on knowing exactly what the gun owner in your life will want this holiday season. See what our top five gun lover gifts are below! 

1. There’s Never Enough Ammo

If there’s one thing a gun lover would love to see all wrapped up in a bow—it's more ammo. That’s because as gun owners, you go through more ammunition than you can count. In fact, we’ve heard it’s a good rule of thumb to keep at least a 500-round stash of bullets for each type of gun, you own. Sound like a lot? Well, if you’re shopping for someone who loves to go to the gun range, that’s the standard number of rounds they’d fire when target shooting. 

What about dummy rounds? We’re so glad you asked. These reusable bullets are great stocking stuffer gifts for gun owners who want a safe way to train at home. Plus, dummy rounds are popular options for those who dry shoot and want to maintain their gun’s integrity. 

2. Durable WeatherLock Gun Range Bag

So, they’re stocked up on ammo—now they need a gun range bag. And if you’re looking for top-tier gun lover gifts, our WeatherLock gun range bags won’t disappoint. Our advanced soft-case bag is available in two sizes (pistol and AR), is built to withstand any weather conditions, and safely and securely stows all your range essentials. 

The bags are not only lightweight and travel-friendly, they’re completely water resistant, too. Plus, with a 3-location MOLLE pouch attachment system, you can easily attach pockets and pouches to accommodate any extra ammo, magazines, first aid, and more. If you know a gun owner who loves the range or frequently travels with his firearm, this is the ultimate gift for them.   

3. Sleek & Reliable Gun Mount

While most gun owners have a wearable holster they know and trust, not everyone relies on the safety and convenience of a gun mount that can be attached to your car or desk. That’s where our QuickDraw comes in. It has a unique magnetic construction and innovative design that firmly holds most flat top handguns, so your firearm is always within reach.  

Any responsible gun owner knows that in an emergency situation, you want safe and secure access to your firearm—and the QuickDraw ensures that. And as far as gun lover gifts go, a gun mount is one of the most practical and necessary accessories you can give.  

4. Gun Cleaning Supplies Kit 

We’ve mentioned the importance of gun maintenance before—and gifting a gun cleaning kit is a great gift for anyone who wants their firearm to last a lifetime. Every cleaning routine requires a solvent and an oil, and our Carbon Killer Combo Pack has them both. Say goodbye to nasty build up and hello to non-toxic, military grade cleaning materials.  

Complete your gun cleaning supplies kit with a cleaning rod, caliber-specific brush and a few dozen cotton rounds. Believe us, this is one of those gifts for gun enthusiasts that keep on giving.  

5. Firearms Legal Protection

The best gifts for gun owners always consider safety first. That’s why we strongly recommend gifting the gun owner in your life our firearms legal protection. With several different plans to choose from, you can sign up the gun owner in your life for a subscription that provides peace of mind that they can protect themselves and their loved ones.  

Most firearm owners aren’t aware that a self-defense incident can result in prosecution. Our firearms legal protection plan can help provide the gun owner in your life with a local attorney who’s experienced in criminal law and then we’ll pay their fees directly for both criminal and civil actions. When it comes to the best gifts for gun lovers—this is it. 

We Wish You a Safe & Happy Holiday Season

At VULCAN, we specialize in gifts for gun owners. From our range bags to our mounting accessories, everything we design sets the standard by which all firearm products are built, so we hope this list has offered you some useful and practical ideas for whenever you start your holiday shopping!