Why Buy Now Instead of Waiting Till September?

There are a number of things we have done to incentivize our customers to order the holster now instead of waiting till September. From FREE stuff to huge discounts we've got you covered. Lets break it down: (Must Read)
1. We are selling them at an exclusive discount that will not be offered once we start fulfilling them in September.
2. Every customer that buys now reserves their holster and will be one of the first people to ever receive it. This is important because we have experienced so much interest that we expect to sell out very quickly once we start fulfilling them in September. That being said, for the people that do not order now and choose to wait, there is no guarantee of availability when the time comes.
3. We will be hosting a number of giveaways throughout the next 3-4 months where only the people that bought during the pre-sale time period will be eligible to win. Giveaways will be hosted live on Facebook.
4. We will also be giving away a FREE item to everyone that bought during the pre-sale and will be fulfilling it with their order.
5. Last but not least! You will become one of the first backers of our company, brand, and community. That will not go unrewarded!